Nordic Walking

A total of 14 Nordic Walking centres blanket virtually all of Alava’s counties and facilitate the practising of this sport by those staying in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Rioja Alavesa, Llanada Alavesa, Montaña Alavesa, Gorbeialdea and Añana. Thus, all those visiting Alava have a Nordic Walking information point and routes close to where they are staying.

The available offer covers 62 routes, distributed into four levels (very affordable, affordable, demanding and very demanding), totalling close to 600 kilometres. Alava’s 14 Nordic Walking centres are: Technological Park of Alava, Labastida, Zigoitia, Barrundia, Alegría-Dulantzi, Elburgo, Iruraiz-Gauna, Salvatierra, San Millán, Asparrena, Gaubea, Arraia-Maeztu, Campezo and Bernedo. + Info:

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